Dear friends, family or even random internet strangers,

Whether you deliberately sought out this blog or discovered it merely by chance, hello and welcome!

The aim of this post is to familiarise you with with who I am, what led me to start a blog, why I chose the name, and what you can expect from future posts.

Who am I?

My name is Natalie and I am a 25-year old British-Nigerian currently living in Barcelona, Spain. I am an undying fan of the cup of tea, the Sunday roast and a sarcastic sense of humour. However, I also love pounded yam and egusi soup, ankara fabric and jamming out to Afrobeats.

Why the name “Morena Por El Mundo”?

Morena” is the Spanish word for a female with tanned skin. That’s me. It also means moray eel. But that’s neither here nor there.

por el mundo” means around the world.

After completing my modern languages degree in 2015, I moved straight to Madrid to kickstart what I thought was my dream career as a teacher. My enthusiasm was short-lived, as I realised within the first couple of months that teaching was most definitely not for me. Feeling a little disgruntled, I decided to go back to the drawing board and investigate more job opportunities that would allow me to work in the modern languages field.

After a stint in Lisbon as a translator, I decided that working in solitary confinement in the world’s coldest office wasn’t my raison d’√™tre¬†either, so I picked up and moved back to Madrid and began working as a wedding magazine editor. And that was when my long-flickering passion for writing was fully ignited.

I now live in Barcelona with my husband and I am currently in pursuit of a writing career.

Y blog tho?

As I’ve got older, I’ve become more of a dilly-dallyer. I have a multitude of potential ventures that have stayed committed to my thoughts for too long so I’ve decided that I need to stop just talking about starting a blog, grab the bull by the horns (figuratively) and get on with it!

This blog is my creative nook of the internet where I unload my thoughts and feelings on certain things – lifestyle, language-learning, working/living/surviving abroad, the highs and lows of my travels and my recommendations on things to do in the places I call ‘home’.

I hope to inspire both myself and my readers or at least capture your attention for a few minutes with my musings as a millennial. If not, at least my family will be able to keep tabs on what I get up to!

Feel free to contact me at: ohionatalie@gmail.com with any inquiries you may have.