The Ins & Outs of MxEM: 50 Things That Make Me Happy

I don’t know about you, but I very much enjoy getting to know the nuances that make up a person’s character. I delight in being able to discuss the innermost workings of life with somebody and feel like a conversation that has lasted maybe 15 minutes has felt like we’ve covered years of getting to know each other.

Small talk has its place, I know, but as soon as I meet someone new, I usually can’t wait to get past that initial barrier of “what do you do for work?”, “where are you from?”, “what’s your name?” (usually in that order because, for some reason that last question is always further down my list of priorities – hence why I’m terrible with names!)

So I decided to do this tag in order for my readers to get a better idea of what makes Morena Por El Mundo. These aren’t in order of preference or anything, just things that came randomly to mind!

50 Things That Make Me Happy

1.) A hot bath – You know that shiver-inducing feeling of slipping into a hot bath when you’re cold? I absolutely love that feeling.

2.) Toast – that is equally toasted on each side and that perfect shade of brown.

3.) Dogs.

4.) My parents on Instagram – the fact that my parents have acquired some level of technological competence despite the fact that iPads, smart TVs and even Skype are fairly new advancements for them makes me so proud.

5.) Going green – walking up to a crossing and the light turning green as soon as I reach it. I makes me feel like Bruce Almighty.

6.) Jurassic Park – my all-time favourite film franchise, I watch one of them at least once a week.

7.) Avocado – especially when you cut it open and it’s flawless. Ugh, shivers!

8.) My husband – walking through the door after a long day at work…(especially if he’s got a Snickers in his hand…)

9.) Bad weather – being warm and snuggly inside the house when it’s storming outside. Hnnnggg.

10.) The sound of rainfall – I actually play a 3-hour long recording of rainfall on loop every night to help me sleep.

11.) Giving someone a gift – I just love it, especially when I know they’re going to love whatever it is I’m giving them.

12.) Money – receiving crisp notes from the cash machine, or shiny, mint condition coins just dazzles me.

13.) Bed – climbing into fresh bedsheets after having shaved my legs is an unparalleled sensation.

14.) A fresh pedicure – I only started getting them done when I was encroaching on my mid-twenties but boy, what a difference they make to how you feel!

15.) Tea – making a cup of tea that is strong enough, has the perfect ratio of milk to strength and the perfect level of sweetness makes me feel like a lab scientist who’s just cured a disease.

16.) Chilling with Mum– sitting down with said cup of tea next to my Mum on the sofa and watching TV while we chat.

17.) My sister-in-law – seeing what a fantastic mother my sister-in-law is to my nephews and what a brilliant addition she is to our family makes me endlessly happy. I just adore her.

18.) Pride – that feeling of pride in knowing that I’ve done a really good job at something.

19.) My family – we’re not the biggest in numbers but we’re united in our love for each other.

20.) Options 40-calorie hot chocolate – the Belgian chocolate flavour is to die for! I’m having one as I write this blogpost, actually.

21.) Being married – to the man of my dreams and seeing him everyday. More on that here!

22.) Completing a workout – especially when I thought I was going to die in the process.

23.) Hearing of other people’s successes – (unless they’ve used immoral means to achieve them.)

24.) Adoption stories – animals, children, you name it, I love it.

25.) Reading or hearing positive news – in a time of being bombarded with saddening news stories, and with those some propaganda, I enjoy hearing about positive things happening in the world.

26.) Seeing elderly people enjoying life – you know the ones who still go dancing or wear extravagant clothing and live it up to the fullest!

27.) Macaroni cheese.

28.) Receiving massages – but only soft ones, rough ones are traumatic, in my opinion.

29.) Catching up with friends – over brunch, over coffee, at my house, at theirs, wherever.

30.) Living a totally drama-free life – something that I consider totally undervalued, especially nowadays.

31.) Powerful and epic film soundtracks – such as the Titanic, the Lion King or the Lord of the Rings ones.

32.) A freshly swept and mopped floor – and then walking on it in clean socks.

33.) Using new smellies in the bath or shower – I feel like I’m at a luxury spa and I like that feeling!

34.) Cake – without stem ginger/dried fruit, though.

35.) Reading a totally captivating book – and trying to squeeze one more page in before you fall asleep/have to resume adult responsibilities.

36.) Hearing someone laughing – from the depths of their soul, you know, a real belly laugh over something that’s tickled them.

37.) Seeing a really well-cared-for elderly pet.

38.) Watching baby animals interacting with their mothers – particularly when they’re being naughty or playful.

39.) Putting on soft pyjamas – after a bath or shower. In Winter. After putting on body lotion.

40.) The sound of multiple voices harmonising – give me a gospel choir any day of the week.

41.) Hearing someone switch between two languages when they speak – multilingualism is fascinating to me as a linguist.

42.) The smell of ogbono cooking – that smell is “home” to me.

43.) Knowing how truly loved I am – and that I have people in my life that would move Heaven and Earth for me if they could.

44.) Writing – makes sense, given that I am a writer!

45.) Good company.

46.) The whole Christmas period – the food, the décor, the films, the outfits, glitter, everything!

47.) Galaxy chocolate – Lord help me, it’s an addiction.

48.) Good food – eating is one of the most pleasurable experiences I can think of, actually.

49.) Safety – I’m not a risk-taker with my safety or my health. Never have been.

50.) My fortune – I’m a privileged, educated and independent woman who has no mental or physical health issues, abundant support from people that love her and nobody baying for her blood. I live in a developed country and I have access to universal healthcare and a decent education, should I want one. A lot of people can only dream of such privilege, and that is something I consider and practice gratitude for literally every day.

So that was my 50 Things That Make Me Happy Tag! Really hope you liked it! I tag you to do one too and then let me know so I can read it!


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