The Ins & Outs of MxEM: 50 Things That Make Me Happy

I don’t know about you, but I very much enjoy getting to know the nuances that make up a person’s character. I delight in being able to discuss the innermost workings of life with somebody and feel like a conversation that has lasted maybe 15 minutes has felt like we’ve covered years of getting to know each other.

Small talk has its place, I know, but as soon as I meet someone new, I usually can’t wait to get past that initial barrier of “what do you do for work?”, “where are you from?”, “what’s your name?” (usually in that order because, for some reason that last question is always further down my list of priorities – hence why I’m terrible with names!)

So I decided to do this tag in order for my readers to get a better idea of what makes Morena Por El Mundo. These aren’t in order of preference or anything, just things that came randomly to mind!

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Antes Que Te Cases, Mira Lo Que Haces: My Experience @ Expoboda Barcelona 2018

Did you know that there are approximately 17 shades of white? And that depending on whether you have warm or cold undertones, the one you’re wearing can make you look as though you brush your teeth with coffee grinds or that your liver is threatening to pack up. No, neither did I. Until I was introduced to the world of all things nuptial, that is.

My first legitimate run-in with the ins and outs of wedding planning came in 2012, when my older brother asked my now-sister-in-law to marry him and she divvied out the organisational duties between herself, my mum and I. Instead of “white”, “pink”, and “beige”, it was oyster, blush, and nude. Instead of “puffy” or “slinky” or “retro-y”, it was A-line, and mermaid, and drop-waist. It was peep-toe, and slingback, and T-bar, and definitely not “toeless”, “strappy-backed” or “the ones women used to wear during the war…”

I began working at Zankyou Weddings in Madrid (Spain’s second-largest wedding company, and coincidentally, one of the sponsors of the event), where I was able to really consolidate all the prior knowledge and expertise I had accrued over the years. Now I am working towards becoming a wedding planner and stylist so¬†all things bridal have become mother’s milk to me.

But, let me tell you one thing – planning a destination wedding, despite being thrilling and enjoyable in pretty much equal measures, isn’t easy. Especially when said destination is 6,000 miles and a completely different time zone away. So, when Expoboda Barcelona 2018 came around, guess who was one of the first to sign herself and her blissfully unaware anxiously excited husband** up for tickets 2 months in advance.

**Yes we are technically already married (legally), we just haven’t had our wedding yet!

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“I Do, Don’t I?”: Newlywed Q&A – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Marriage was a concept that I fell in and out of love with growing up. When I was too young to actually get married, I thought that marriage was a beautiful union of two wandering souls who decided that from that moment on, their notion of this very thing we call “life” would only make sense should their spirits intertwine and-…you get the picture. When I entered my twenties, I considered that it might not actually be my cup of tea and that I was a-ok with that. I would buy a smallholding for myself and my 15 dogs, and set up a small animal sanctuary with goats and chickens, and maybe a resident alpaca. I would go on single gal cruises and take up feminist slam poetry. It would all work out fine.

But, I guess, life had other plans…

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